Challenger II 503 Legacy

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The older Challenger II 447 Legacy, 503 Deluxe and 582 Premium models
have been replaced by the 582 powered Challenger Light Sport models.

Rotax stopped selling new 447 and 503 engines some years ago because the
582 "Blue Head" has substantially better power, fuel economy and reliability.

The venerable Challenger II 582 Premium in 2005 pioneered the use of the 582.
It has been replaced by the Challenger Light Sport E Series EL-65 and ES-65
which have much improved handling plus enhanced accessibility and comfort,
all at the same cost. The new Light Sport X Series kicks it up another notch!

Click here for the new Challenger Light Sport models.

Challenger II 503 Legacy Package
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These pricing packages apply only to Challengers sold in Canada.
Elsewhere there are differences in packages, pricing and currencies.

Challenger II 503 Legacy Package

The Challenger II 503 Legacy Package consists of the
Challenger II Legacy Airframe with none of the frills plus
the ubiquitous 50 hp air-cooled Rotax 503 Power Pack.

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Challenger II 503 Legacy Airframe

The Challenger II 503 Legacy Airframe is configured to be lightweight and functional. In appearance it is very much like the vintage Challengers of the eighties yet it contains modern robustness and durability enhancements.

The tail, wings and fuselage are pre-built at the factory from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. All hardware is provided and is AN aircraft quality.

Superflite fabric is provided pre-sewn into socks for the tail, pre-cut into top and bottom sections for the wings, and precut into panels for the fuselage.

Full dual controls - sticks and rudder pedals - are installed at the factory. Throttles are provided for front and rear seats. Cushions and seatbelts with shoulder straps are standard for both seats. In-flight adjustable flaperons and pitch trim are standard with this package.

The cabin is fully enclosed with the Lexan wraparound windscreen and doors. Instruments included are Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Tachometer, Hour Meter, Compass and a Cylinder Head Temperature gauge.

In the interests of cost, weight and simplicity there is no electrical system.
A 10 USgal fuel tank is included as standard.

Again in the interests of cost, weight and simplicity, the Legacy package does away with the fairings, covers and pants of the Deluxe and Premium packages.

The landing gear includes main gear legs of 2024-T3 aluminum without inserts. All three wheels use the basic 5" nylon rims and the smallest available tires to reduce weight and drag. Brakes are not included.

The wing is the 31.5 ft long span and the cabin is the wide version with low cockpit side rails.

Challenger II 503 Legacy Power Pack

The Challenger II 503 Legacy Power Pack is centered on the Rotax 503 UL DCDI engine and includes everything you need to deliver thrust and go flying.

This engine, purpose-built for aircraft and well-proven via thousands of real world installations, has numerous internal improvements to enhance reliability. The engine comes complete with dual electronic ignition, two spark plugs per cylinder, dual carbs, impulse fuel pump, air filter and a very effective muffler. To attach this engine to the airframe we include the motor mount with Lord mounts to isolate the airframe from vibration as well as a stainless steel exhaust mount.

The 503 is air-cooled via an engine-driven fan and is virtually immune to overheating on even the most trying days in the most trying circumstances.

Start is easily accomplished via a manual recoil starter.

The reduction drive is the preferred "tall" 2.6-to-1 unit turning a 60" two-blade fixed pitch wooden prop. Leading edge protection is not included on this fair weather machine!

No-Charge Choices for the Challenger II 503 Legacy Package

CHOOSE Lexan: tinted OR clear wraparound windscreen and doors.

CHOOSE Prop: fine pitch for best takeoff/climb OR coarse pitch for cruise.

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