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The older Challenger II 447 Legacy, 503 Deluxe and 582 Premium models
have been replaced by the 582 powered Challenger Light Sport models.

Rotax stopped selling new 447 and 503 engines some years ago because the
582 "Blue Head" has substantially better power, fuel economy and reliability.

The venerable Challenger II 582 Premium in 2005 pioneered the use of the 582.
It has been replaced by the Challenger Light Sport E Series EL-65 and ES-65
which have much improved handling plus enhanced accessibility and comfort,
all at the same cost. The new Light Sport X Series kicks it up another notch!

Click here for the new Challenger Light Sport models.

Canadian Challenger Kit-By-Section Program
Tail Sub-Kit | Wings Sub-KitFuselage Sub-Kit | Power Pack

These pricing packages apply only to Challengers sold in Canada.
Elsewhere there are differences in packages, pricing and currencies.

Canadian Challenger Kit-By-Section Program

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The Kit-By-Section program here in Canada takes you from zero to a flyable aircraft - engine and everything else you need - in four steps. You time the delivery of the sub-kits to suit your cash flow and to coincide with your pace of assembly. This approach ends up costing slightly more than if you purchased a complete package in one go however if your piggy bank is not full this route has the huge advantage that it lets you get started now. It also helps stop life's other demands from usurping your savings before you get anywhere at all!

What we do is split up our complete packages into Airframe and Power Pack and then further subdivide the Airframe into three: tail, wings, and fuselage.

You can purchase multiple sub-kits at one time to further reduce shipping and customs costs - for example the Tail and Wings together or even the complete Airframe now and the Power Pack later when you are close to completion.

The No-Charge Choices and Chargeable Options with the complete package descriptions also apply to the Kit-By-Section program. Simply make the appropriate choices and selections with the relevant sub-kit.

Canadian Challenger Tail Sub-Kit

The Challenger Tail Sub-Kit includes the vertical stabilizer and rudder and the horizontal stabilizers and elevators. Superflite fabric comes as pre-sewn socks. All the tail components are completely pre-built at the factory - you just do the hinges and the covering. This is a great way to see how simple and easy it is!

Purchase of the Tail Sub-Kit includes all of our Canadian documentation: the Quad City factory manuals, and the Canadian Challenger Owners Manual.
You also gain access to our web site's Canadian Support Section and are plugged into our support infrastructure.

Canadian Challenger Wings Sub-Kit

The Challenger Wings Sub-Kit includes the pre-built wing frames, pre-shaped ribs and factory-built flaperons. On models so equipped the wing tanks are included with this sub-kit. You just attach the ribs, do the hinges and then cover. The Superflite fabric for the wings comes as pre-cut panels.

Canadian Challenger Fuselage Sub-Kit

The Challenger Fuselage Sub-Kit is everything else not power related: the base fuselage, cabin, instruments, flaperons, pitch trim, streamlining, landing gear, brakes, etc as per the package descriptions. Every airframe item except tail and wings - even AN nuts and bolts! Superflite fabric for the fuselage comes as pre-cut panels.

Canadian Challenger Power Pack

Canadian Challenger Power Packs include everything you need to get the air rushing backwards and the airframe moving forwards! That's not just engine with dual electronic ignition, dual plugs, fuel pump, dual carbs, muffler, etc but also electrical system, motor mount, exhaust mount, reduction drive and prop. In addition to the electric start a backup recoil starter is also included.

582 Power Packs include the full liquid cooling system - an oversize updraft rad with all mounts and plumbing! 503 Power Packs include the highly effective forced air cooling system rather than the free air cooling used on many aircraft. Neither system will ever overheat even in the most trying conditions.

We have OEM contracts with our suppliers and are their major customers so you, our customer, get the best terms, warranty and service in the market!

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