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The current Challenger lineup gives six choices with a range of features,
performance and prices wide enough to suit every need and every budget:
- three new Challenger Light Sport models (the XL-65, XS-65 and XS-50)
- three Classic Challenger II models (the Premium, Deluxe and Legacy)

This section details the new Challenger Light Sport models - the XL-65, XS-65 and XS-50.

Click here for the Classic Challenger II models - the Premium, Deluxe and Legacy.

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Challenger Light Sport X Series - XL-65, XS-65, XS-50

Thirty Years In The Making

The new Challenger Light Sport X Series was designed expressly for our Canadian missions.
The new models incorporate numerous design enhancements driven by customer inputs.
They are easier to fly, more rugged, more ergonomic, easier to build. They carry heavier payloads, faster, over longer distances. They came from thirty years of real world experience!

Wheels, tundras, skis, wheel/skis, floats, amphibious floats, ... Versatility is just one of
the ten best reasons why the Challenger is by far the most popular aircraft in its class.


The Challenger lineup includes six choices to fit any budget:
three new Light Sport models
(XL-65, XS-65, XS-50)
and three Classic Challenger II's
(Premium, Deluxe, Legacy).
Click the picture to the left for an overview of the improvements in the new Light Sport X Series!

The new Challenger Light Sport
XL-65 and XS-50
have earned acclaim as
the most dramatic step forward
ever taken in the 30 year
evolution of the Challenger!

The new XS-65 is a clip wing
derivative of the popular XL-65
with a max cruise of 100 mph,
an impressive payload,
long range wing tanks, and
a fuselage baggage compartment.
Facts &

All the facts and figures for the
new Challenger Light Sport
XL-65 and XS-65
including pricing are here.
There are specs such as
gross weight and payload
plus performance numbers
such as cruise speed and range.
There is a complete list of features
and equipment for each model.
Aircraft registration and pilot licence information is also provided.
Airframe Structure / Covering / Assembly
Quick-Build Kit includes Factory Built Tail, Wings, Fuselage, Panel
Factory Installed Dual Controls
Factory Pre-Cut, Pre-Sewn Fabric
No Parts Fabrication Required
Simple Assembly - No Building
Complete Package or Via Subkits
Power Packs Challenger Light Sports come with proven, highly reliable 582 and 503 Power Packs consisting of matched engine, reduction drive and prop.
Amphib Floats Puddlejumper amphibious floats
have been the preferred choice of Challenger owners for two decades.
They are the most aerodynamic,
most hydrodynamic, least weight,
and the least cost too!
Light Sport Report This article details the new features and enhancements included in the
Light Sport XL-65, XS-65 & XS-50
which were designed expressly
for Canadian missions.
Higher Gross Weight This article discusses the topic of gross weight and includes a
historical perspective as well as the engineering behind the higher limits of the new 582-powered
Light Sport XL-65 and XS-65 models.

All the information on the new
Challenger Light Sport X Series
XL-65, XS-65 and XS-50
combined into a 43 page info pack
in pdf format which you can
view, save and/or print.

The new easy entry cabin and the new prefab panel which come standard with the X series
greatly improve ergonomics for pilots and passengers large and small, short and tall.

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