Pilot's Report
Challenger at 25

The May 2009 edition of Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine contained an extensive report on the Challenger line of aircraft by Dan Johnson who is probably the most recognized name in light sport aviation. The article reviews the newest models and gives a sense of their evolution. We scanned some photos and excerpted some quotes to capture the highlights.

Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine has been published monthly in the US since 1976.
Dan Johnson has flown, evaluated and reported on more than 300 models of aircraft.
He is currently Chairman and President of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association.

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"The Challenger is one of the standard-bearers in the industry."

"The company has upgraded the tried-and-true models with a host
of improvements. Some are subtle and others are easily seen."

"With a very strong Canadian distributor protection from wintertime flying became essential. This lead to an optional wraparound windshield and removable doors and plus cabin heat."

"Many happy pilots have a real bounce in their step as they make their way
for a little joy in the air aboard their Challenger. How about you?"

"The goals were to make the plane easier to fly, faster in cruise, more rugged,
more ergonomic and easier to build - all while keeping the price under $25,000."

"All Challengers are effectively quick-build kits. The factory does all the
important and demanding structural work, including installing the controls."

"The best news is that these are some of the lowest cost aircraft you can build."

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"Virtually from day one of Challenger production the company's ongoing changes have kept improving the overall quality and durability of their airframes and bettering their handling."

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