Norm Hull
Otty Lake, Ontario
A Profile Of
An ICOA Member

Squadron Leader Norm Hull (Ret) has a most impressive aviation background.

In the military he flew an extensive list of aircraft including the Harvard, B-25, Gloster Meteor NF-11, T-33 Tbird, CF-100, F-86 Sabre and F-4 Phantom as well as the CF-5 and CF-104 supersonic fighters. On the civilian side, his log book includes time in Bell 47 helicopters, DeHavilland Twin Otters, Beachcraft King Airs and Queen Airs, DC-3s, Boeing 737s and the original CL-600 Challenger business jet. Following his career in the military Norm worked as an aircraft accident investigator for the Canadian Aviation Safety Board.

Norm currently enjoys an idyllic circumstance with his Challenger always ready for action - it is housed in a hangar perfectly matching his home alongside Otty Lake near Perth, Ontario.

Norm states unequivocally that the two biggest thrills of his life were his first flight in a CF-104 Starfighter supersonic fighter and his first flight low and slow in his Challenger on amphibious floats.

His seaplane/skiplane base, named Kano for Kathy and Norm, is open year round and the welcome mat is always out to visiting Challenger owners.

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