Wayne Irvine
Cochrane, Ontario
Published In
Canadian Flight

Wayne's interest in aviation is ageless and he already owns a rare Cessna 175, C-FKKW, for family and business purposes. His interest in ultralights was first triggered in 1984 when he saw an advertisement for, like he says "... one of those forgotten models". It took until 1992 for him to get serious and finally do some research and make a few inquiries, including a discussion with Ian Coristine, the Canadian Challenger distributor.

You know what happened next - an order for a Challenger II was placed later that fall. What followed were "... a few months of very, very enjoyable assembly and finishing time that will remain a lifetime memory".

In the spring of 1993, C-IECC was inspected and test-flown by Mike Corbeil, an ultralight instructor from North Bay, Ontario. Since then, Wayne has enjoyed over 200 hours of what he describes as "...pure flying pleasure". This includes mid-winter flights to Moosonee, near James Bay, and to Montebello, Quebec.

Wayne's ski flights to the annual Challenger Owners Association winter fly-in in 1996, 1998 and 2000 were each around 1,000 miles return and earned him the coveted "Farthest Flown" awards for all three years.

Wayne enjoys all types of flying, but he prefers the performance, smoothness and safety of winter ski flying, when the lakes and rivers are frozen and covered in lots of snow. As he says, "With these incredible flying machines, the sensation of landing on powdery snow is something every pilot should experience".

Wayne concludes by repeating a very famous aviation phrase: "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth".

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