Updated September 10, 2010

The weather was perfect - sunny, warm and light winds!

The turnout was terrific! Stay tuned for report and pics!

Overview | Agenda | Directions | Accommodations | Contacts

Overview | Agenda | Directions | Accommodations | Contacts


Challenger owners and fans are cordially invited to the inaugural East Coast Challenger Rendezvous at Lawrencetown, NS. Bernie and Shelley Rector of East Coast Ultralight will host the first Eastebello at their airstrip located in the beautiful and historic Annapolis Valley west of Halifax.

East Coast Ultralight has been a landmark in Lawrencetown since 1998.  The facility includes a 2000' grass strip with a hangar and a classroom.  For many years ECU has specialized in flight training, assembly and maintenance of Challenger aircraft. East Coast Ultralight was recently appointed a full service Challenger dealer so now they offer the full gamut of sales and support.

In the sections below you will find full details of the agenda plus information on nearby accommodations as well as directions for flyers and drivers.

Please let Bernie and Shelley know right away of your plans to attend, whether for one day or all three, so we can make sure we have enough seats, food and beverages. Email or phone 902-584-3302.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by email or phone.

The hospitality will be exceptional. My wife Alison and I will be there. Mike and Tracy Hughes of Challenger West are coming all the way from Edmonton!

Fly or drive but make it a priority to join us at the first Challenger Rendezvous in Atlantic Canada! It's on rain or shine!

Bryan Quickmire

Overview | Agenda | Directions | Accommodations | Contacts


Friday evening there will be a bonfire with a corn boil and pizza. Saturday for lunch it wil be hamburgers and hotdogs on the barbie. Saturday evening will be steak, potatoes and salad plus of course another bonfire. Entertainment will be entertaining. Coffee, pop and water will be available at all times. A small charge will be made to cover expenses. If you are driving in please bring some chairs.

Saturday afternoon at 1pm there will be a welcome followed by four sessions. Bryan Quickmire will go over the details of the recently announced 2011 Challenger Light Sport XS-50 and XL-65 models. Bernie Rector will give the audience an airmanship brush-up by reviewing circuit procedures at uncontrolled aerodromes. Bernie will also hold a how to session on fabric repair. Bryan will present a pictorial travelogue of the trip made by five amphibious Challenger to the Challenger 25th Anniversary Celebrations in Illinois. The afternoon will wrap up with a question and answer session.

There will be awards for Best Showplane, Farthest Flown, Farthest Travelled.

Sunday there'll be morning sightseeing flights then departures for home.

Overview | Agenda | Directions | Accommodations | Contacts


For those driving in it's quite simple. Lawrencetown is in the Annapolis Valley about two hours drive west of Halifax. Wherever you are just get on Highway 101 and get off at Exit 19. Turn north and drive 2 km. Look for the windsock!

For those flying in, the East Coast Ultralight airstrip is an unregistered aerodrome located at N44'55'07 W65'11'02. It is not in the Canada Flight Supplement. Elevation is 180 ft ASL. Monitor traffic and report on 123.2 MHz.

The runway is 2,000 ft of grass oriented north/south. There is a small hump near the middle. The runway slopes uphill from south to north and at the north end there is a hangar and a house then a 900 ft hill. It is recommended to land uphill on runway 36 and takeoff downhill on runway 18.

If you are navigating the old fashioned way, by reading road maps, the airstrip is on the west side of Elliot Road just south of Clarence Road. This is along Elliot Road 2sm north of Lawrencetown or 2km north of Highway 101 Exit 19. Near the south perimeter there are four large chicken barns with shiny roofs.

Bring your own tiedowns - stakes and ropes. Transportation will be available for fuel, accommodations, breakfast, etc.

In case you can't shoehorn your bird into 2,000 ft, the nearest public airport is Waterville / Kings County Municipal (CCW3 in the CFS) which is 30sm to the east. The runway there is 3500x75 of asphalt. Note that CFB Greenwood (CYZX) is midway between East Coast Ultralight and Kings County but it is only open to civilian traffic in case of emergencies. Alternatively Digby (CYID in the CFS) is 40sm to the southwest. The runway there is 3900x75 of asphalt.

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The Falcourt Inn is a few minutes from the airstrip and has offered a discount to Eastebello attendees: - 902-825-3399

Here are just a few of the motels quite near the airstrip:

You can also go to and enter "lawrencetown, ns" then in Search Nearby enter "accommodations" for still more choices of habitat.

Adventurous souls with campers and tents are welcome however you should be self-sufficient since there are no facilities other than portapotties.

Overview | Agenda | Directions | Accommodations | Contacts


Bernie & Shelley Rector - - 902-584-3302

Bryan Quickmire - - 705-721-9811

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