Michael Flahault
Montreal, Quebec
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An ICOA Member

Michael Flahault is an award-winning Canadian artist internationally renowned for his paintings of aviation themes and other subjects in a variety of media from watercolours to oils. Mike is also known around the world for his creations as a top level, professional aircraft model builder - his works have been purchased by museums and collectors as far away as Australia.

Mike has flown General Aviation aircraft of many types and sizes but states unequivocally that "I have never had so much fun flying as when I am in my Challenger". He flies his Challenger frequently, on both wheels and skis.

Michael purchased his Challenger in 1995 and spent many enjoyable hours detailing it to his very high standards. "Many of the skills required in the assembly are similar to those used in basic model building." he says, adding: "The experience of building the Challenger was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done, eclipsed only by the actual flying."

In the summer of 2000, Mike was one of a group of Canadian Challenger owners who flew to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In so doing, they became the first Canadians to legally fly their Canadian registered ultralights in the USA. This major breakthrough, which required changing the FAA's air regulations in the United States, was brought about directly by an initiative of the Canadian Challenger Owners Association of which Mike is of course an active member.

Mike lives in Montreal with his wife Nadia who accompanied him to Oshkosh. She's also an aviationphile - Nadia works as a senior engineer and rotor specialist at Bell Helicopter!

You can view samples of Mike's work in our Family Album.

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