Jacques Voynaud
Notre-Dame du Nord, Quebec
Published In
Canadian Flight

Jacques is a teacher and a pedagogical counsellor specialized in adult education. His first solo flight was performed from the St-Lazare (QC) Airport in a single-seat Challenger. Since then Jacques has accumulated quite a bit of ultralight flying experience, mostly on skis in winter conditions.

Jacques' interest in aviation dates from 1983 when he first read an article featuring ultralights in a glossy magazine aboard a commercial flight from Kuujjuak to Montreal. In a matter of a few weeks, he contacted Ian Coristine of National Ultralight Inc. and registered in an ultralight course. After flying the Lazair, which was National Ultralight's training aircraft at the time, Jacques was given a demonstration flight with Ian aboard the very first two-seater Challenger imported in Canada by National Ultralight. Jacques was hooked!

Many years went by, but Jacques had not forgotten. When he finally could afford buying his own ultralight in 1990, he collected information about many ultralight types and shopped for more than a full year before coming back to his very first love - the Challenger.

Describing his personal experience with the Challenger, Jacques says: "There is no other ultralight offering this level of capability and performance. Add to it an excellent safety record and you get the best quality/price ratio on the ultralight market".

Comparing his ultralight experience with the Challenger, Jacques replies: "I consider myself as a beginner in flying so I can't really compare. I flew the Lazair, the Merlin, the Beaver, plus some Cessnas and Pipers as a passenger. I can assure you I definitely prefer the feeling of the Challenger over all these other products".

Jacques sums up his ultralight experience this way: "I understand when people from General Aviation tell me that they see ultralights as dangerous. They tell me I have to be crazy to fly ultralights. But every time one of them tries my Challenger, they discover something completely different from what they previously had seen or heard about".

Jacques concludes by saying: "Try it, you might find out what flying is all about".

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