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Challengers have had memorable trips thousands of miles long
and magical moments within a stone's throw of home base.
Join us in the Challenger Cinema as we share some of
those memorable miles and magical moments!

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Journey Home | Wonderful World | Island Time | Return From Montebello | The Big Two Oh!

Full Emotion | Full Action | More than a Feeling | Montebello Magic | Challenger Magic

Tomorrow is Today | Circuit Montebello

Spring Skiing | Summer Escape | Misty Morning

Are You Ready For Captain Jack

Ten Months To Build A Lifetime Of Enjoyment

Come Away With Me | Rudder Brothers

Challenger 582 Ski Launch

Challenger 582-503 Landlubbers | Challenger 582-503 Headstart | Challenger 582-503 Difference

Ten Months To Build A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Ten months to build. A lifetime of enjoyment. So wrote Dale Erhart of Comox, BC. Dale assembled his Challenger over a ten month period on his days off from piloting A340 airliners back and forth between Vancouver and Asia. He put this video together to show how much pleasure he is having exploring Vancouver Island in his amphibious Challenger. Before the airline Dale flew fighters in the RCAF - CF-101, CF-5, CF-18. After the airline he flew a Bombardier Global Express all over the planet. When asked why he would want to fly a Challenger after all those fast movers Dale replied: "Freedom!" Click here for more on Dale!

Summer Escape

Once again Roger Diotte captures the spirit of the Challenger: After a hard day at work only one thing crosses the minds of Challenger owners: escape! And they escape in their Challengers!
It's simple, because they don't like complicated! The lake is gorgeous, the sky is blue, the sun is yellow..., how can you ask for more! It's ecstasy! Videographer Roger Diotte, Mont-Laurier, Que.

Misty Morning

Videographer Roger Diotte writes:
On a misty morning a friend and I prepared our Challengers to go flying over beautiful scenery in the Laurentides region around Mont-Laurier.
We were accompanied by a song from the so lovely Natasha St-Pier and her delicate voice.
Un beau matin dans la brume, en préparation
pour un vol au dessus de la belle région des Laurentides (Mont-Laurier, Québec).
Accompagné par une chanson de la très jolie Natasha St-Pier et ça voix si délicate.

Journey Home

Challenger ultralight and light sport aircraft have done trips thousands of miles long however this magical flight by Ian Coristine was only 10 miles from Brockville Airport back to his cottage in the 1000 Islands. The music is aptly titled Now We Are Free. Video edit/music by Louis Pouliot. Camera plane flown by Bruce Brown.

Wonderful World

Enjoy magical hedgehopping accompanied by Louis Armstrong. This music video dates back 30 years and has long been the signature theme of the Challenger community worldwide. Video by Ian Coristine. From the classic Challenger DVD. Click the picture for cameraman's comments.

Island Time

Join two amphibious Challengers as they explore the magnificent 1000 Islands which dot the St. Lawrence River as it leaves the Great Lakes en route to the Atlantic Ocean. Ian Coristine pilots the white and blue Challenger. Bryan Quickmire flies the red, white and gold. Video edit/music by Ian Coristine. Filming assistance from Paul Embury. From the classic Challenger DVD.

Spring Skiing

Skiplanes are at their finest in February & March! The sun is stronger and the days are longer. You dress in layers because by mid afternoon you can be in your shirtsleeves. This video by Roger Diotte of Mont-Laurier, QC captures Mario Lajeunesse enjoying the simple pleasures of flybys in the wonderland of white snow and blue sky!

Are You Ready For Captain Jack

Roger Diotte put a rockin' beat to this Challenger music video! His sound track is Captain Jack's 1990's Eurodance treatment of the Queen hit Another One Bites The Dust. We can imagine the good guys launching in their Challengers to stop the bad guys from taking over the world. Machine guns ready to go... Making them bite the dust!
Are you ready for Captain Jack? We'll bet you can't stop your feet from tapping!

Full Emotion

Challenger owner, aviation lover and amateur videographer are three phrases which describe Roger Diotte of Mont-Laurier, Quebec. In 2010 Roger produced "Full Action", a fast paced video of the 20th Annual Challenger Rendezvous. For the 2011 Challenger Winter Rendezvous he has taken a mellow approach! Enjoy with a glass of wine!

Full Action

Propriétaire de Challenger, passionné de l'aviation et vidéographe amateur sont trois phrases qui décrivent Roger Diotte de Mont-Laurier, Québec. Roger merged his three passions to produce "Full Action", a musicvideographical perspective of the aeronautical action on the ice at the 20th Annual Challenger Winter Rendezvous. His choice of music is fast paced to say the least - fasten your seat belts and hold on to your hats! Fantastique!

Return From Montebello

Fly along with four Challengers on skis as they depart from the snow covered ice in front of Chateau Montebello and skim along the Ottawa River on their way home. Video and edit/music by Ian Coristine. From the classic Challenger DVD.

The Big Two Oh!

January 2010 marked the 20th Annual Challenger Winter Rendezvous - The Big Two Oh! All was purrfect - sky blue, wind calm, temps just right, ice runway ideal. 140 Challenger fans at the banquet. 29 Challengers flocked together. 47 Challenger wannabe planes flew in to pay homage. This truly has become THE winter aviation event in Canada! Aviation photographer Jean-Pierre Bonin took the images. Bryan Quickmire put them in motion and set them to music. Best watched full screen in HD!

More than a Feeling

Todd Mitton came to his first Challenger Winter Rendezvous in February 2011. It was the 21st annual rendition of this the most popular winter aviation happening in Canada. Todd's music video of the action on the river and the sights from the cockpit does a wonderful job of capturing the feeling of the event. Todd has now experienced the Challenger's charms on skis as well as floats. We'd say Todd Mitton is smitten!

Montebello Magic

This video was created by John Sutherland during the 2008 Challenger Winter Rendezvous at Chateau Montebello. John shot the footage on Saturday afternoon then edited it and put it to music for presentation at the banquet that evening. Talk about time pressure! The star is somewhat unsure about her first flight in anything smaller than a jumbo jet. Watch her reaction!

Challenger Magic

This video was created by John Sutherland for the 2009 Challenger Winter Rendezvous at Chateau Montebello. It's a sequel to the Montebello Magic video John put together in real time at the 2008 Rendezvous. See where John's journey has taken him so far and stay tuned for more!

Tomorrow is Today

Richard Auger and his wife Lise of Montreal went to their first Challenger Winter Rendezvous at Chateau Montebello in February 2012. Richard produced this fun video trailer, no doubt to prepare you for the feature length version coming soon to a theatre near you!

Circuit Montebello

Mike Prescott attached a POV camera to his Challenger for a circuit at Chateau Montebello during the 2012 Challenger Winter Rendezvous. Mike's 582 Challenger is registered as C-IMMP so of course it's known as Sea Imp and has the nose art to prove it!

Come Away With Me

Todd Toutant created a video of the first flight of Bob Bougie's newly assembled Challenger. Kris Falk did the test flying then Bob strapped in the front for his first flight in his handiwork. It's a nice, easygoing watch - handcrafted and kinda rustic. Set to Norah Jones doing Come Away With Me. Her voice and music are both seductive and calming - just like the Challenger. Enjoy!

Rudder Brothers

Todd Toutant and Bob Bougie of Come Away With Me fame have created another great Challenger watch! Video and stills are set to music and lyrics by Townes Van Zandt: "Words to live by friends. Days, forget most, remember some. The choice is yours to make, time is yours to take. To live is to fly, low and high, so shake the dust off of your wings and the sleep out of your eyes."

Challenger 582 Ski Launch

Conrad Watters launches his 582 Challenger on wheel/skis from in front of Chateau Montebello! The snow runway is so busy he first has to hold short for intersecting traffic. Once he's clear to go you'll see why we say launch instead of takeoff! Videographer Bryan Quickmire.

Challenger 582-503 Landlubbers

Challenger twins C-FXSL (582) and C-IZZL (503) demo takeoffs and climbouts from a runway! Videographer Brent Thompson. First to go is 503 flown by John Kossup. Second is 582 flown by Bryan Quickmire.

Challenger 582-503 Headstart

Challenger twins C-FXSL (582) and C-IZZL (503) demo a water takeoff. 582 gives 503 a head start! Videographer Brent Thompson. First to go is 503 flown by John Kossup. Second is 582 flown by Bryan Quickmire.

Challenger 582-503 Difference

Challenger twins C-FXSL (582) and C-IZZL (503) take off side by side. Note the terrain clearance! Videographer Brent Thompson. On the right 503 flown by John Kossup. On the left 582 flown by Bryan Quickmire.

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