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This web site has superseded the traditional snail mail information package in detailing the specs, performance and prices of the Challenger as well as in providing video of the Challenger in action on wheels, skis and floats.

Click here to view the site map which gives the structure and contents.

The current Challenger lineup gives choices with a wide range of features, performance and prices to suit every need and every budget.

Click here for details on the Challenger Light Sport E Series and X Series.

Also here are articles on ski, float and long distance cross-country flying. There's even a primer on how to soar in a thermal. Compare the engaging Challenger experience to the world of general aviation where you motor along in a straight line at 5,000 feet, hermetically sealed away from the joy of flying!

This web site also contains the Challenger Cinema with a broad selection of videos which may be viewed online. Some of these videos show specific aspects of the Challenger, for example the difference in performance between the 503 and 582 engines. Other videos were created by Challenger owners who were moved to share their experiences.

All this information is here online for free. Click to our Site Map to learn what is on our site and where it is. Print pages for your personal use if you wish. If you wish, we'll notify you automatically by e-mail when this site is updated!

Since 2007 all new Challenger videos have been put in our Challenger Cinema. Prior to 2007 videos were only available via DVD or VHS. The classic 55 minute pre-2007 Challenger DVD is still available and you may order it via this web page. To cover the costs of replication, handling and mailing the DVD we must charge a small fee which may be paid here online. Money back if not delighted!

The DVD video is an eclectic collection of old and new footage which starts with classic 1980's era material and interleaves more modern footage. This collection is intended to show you the full spectrum of the Challenger's 25 year heritage and to give you a sense of the continuing evolution. The ancient images of guys with afros flying funny looking flat-nosed Challengers with dacron sailcloth wings and 40 hp 447 engines will give you a good idea of just how far we've come!

Of course the DVD, like the Challenger Cinema, dramatically illustrates the Challenger's fantastic STOL performance on wheels, skis and amphibious floats. Most importantly though, all our videos give a clear sense of the very special flying experiences the Challenger makes possible. Words and still pictures cannot match the camera's ability to bring the viewer along as Challengers explore world class settings on land, snow and water.

Also on the DVD are segments from two television shows which highlighted the Challenger. One is a Pilot Report by Sky High Television and the other illustrates the use of the Challenger as camera plane for a wilderness series. Between them there's fantastic footage of the Thirty Thousand Islands in Georgian Bay and the fjords of Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park.

Our goal with the DVD is not to have it attempt to communicate everything about the Challenger. It is meant to be viewed in conjunction with our web site and to complement the video, pictures and text online.

The price for the Challenger video is C$25.00 which includes shipping and tax.
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The DVD is C$25.00 including shipping and tax.
Money back if not delighted.
Payment can be via MasterCard, Visa,
American Express, Discover or PayPal.

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