Lindsay Cadenhead

News Release - Feb. 23, 1998

Lindsay Cadenhead Presented 1998 Canada 'Freedom to Fly' Award

On February 21, 1998, Lindsay Cadenhead was presented with the Canada 'Freedom to Fly' Award at the International Challenger Owners Association 8th annual winter ski fly-in at Chateau Montebello, Quebec.

The award, founded by Frank Hofmann, is given to individuals or organizations who have, by their activity, made an outstanding contribution to preserving the ability of Canadians to have access to the joy of flight. Perhaps singularly in Canada, this aviation award also offers the recipient a monetary prize. Representative organizations nominate potential recipients of the award and present it in their name and on an occasion of their choosing.

Prize money for the award came from individuals, groups and companies who knew of the importance of Lindsay's contribution, and who believed that the values expressed by this award deserved both national attention and a prize for having acted selflessly to achieve those aims.

The wording on the plaque states: "For a contribution of national significance to the perpetuation and preservation of the individual's right to pursue the dream of flight and enjoy private access to the skies unencumbered by intrusive or excessive political, economic or technical restrictions."

Lindsay has, during his years as the head of the recreational aviation sector at Transport Canada, demonstrated a singular open-mindedness toward change in favour of sport aviation. His refreshingly open attitude and the challenges he laid out to the community caused COPA to adopt the "Freedom to Fly" proposal as a policy for change, a policy which resulted in, among other things, the Recreational Pilot Permit. It is hoped that his successors will similarly spur on development in this sector.

The award was presented to Lindsay through the International Challenger Owners Association; a group representing a sector for which Lindsay's effective work has assured continued enjoyment of their activities.

It is hoped that other individuals or groups - writers, lawyers, designers, government officials, parliamentarians - will follow Lindsay's example to assure citizens' freedoms and rights through the continued access to Canada's skies.

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