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Complements Leading Challenger Light Sport X Series

National Ultralight is delighted to announce the new Challenger Light Sport E Series. The new EL-65 is a long wing, two seat, high power, high lift aircraft well suited for amphibious floats, heavy loads and high density altitudes. The new ES-65 is a clip wing derivative of the EL-65 optimized for speed with a wing four feet shorter. The 582 powered EL-65 and ES-65 can carry impressive payloads while delivering outstanding STOL performance.

The new E Series models EL-65 and ES-65 incorporate key improvements of the top of the line Light Sport X Series XL-65 and XS-65, at lower prices closely comparable to the earlier Challenger II models. In effect the predecessor Challenger II's capabilities are significantly uplifted without uplifting the cost.

Proven Challenger 582 Power Pack

The new E Series models are powered by the bespoke Challenger 582 Power Pack which has been the number one choice of owners since 2005. The ASTM certified Bombardier-Rotax 582 Mod 99 Blue Head engine produces 30% more horsepower and 34% more torque than its predecessor the 503. All this with a specific fuel consumption 23% lower!

The oil injected 582 has proven itself in over 10 years of real world use, delivering exceptional performance, excellent fuel economy and outstanding reliability in a wide range of terrains throughout the extremes of four season climates. The acquisition outlay is dramatically lower than for any aircraft in this class plus hourly operating and maintenance costs are unbeatable.

New Tapered Tail & Differential Ailerons

The new E Series models have the larger tapered vertical tail and differential ailerons of the XL-65 and XS-65. The result is easier, more conventional handling with much less rudder work, especially in turbulence. The new tail and aileron combination strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability thus retaining the Challenger's renowned crosswind capabilities, side slipping prowess and ease of handling on water and ice in windy conditions.

The signature Light Sport tail is 10 inches higher than the tail of the earlier Challenger II models. The new vertical stabilizer has 55% more side area which significantly increases directional stability. To further reduce adverse yaw the new aileron bellcranks have been modified from the historical 1:1 so that the flaperons function as differential ailerons in the ratio 1.5 up to 1 down.

The new Challenger Light Sports are even friendlier to fly, especially for pilots accustomed to Cessnas and such which require little usage of the rudder pedals. Cessna pilots will delight in the Challenger's controls which are light and responsive throughout the entire speed range.

New Easy Entry Cabin

The new E Series also gets the XL/XS easy entry cabin. The windscreen, doors and cockpit side rails have been redesigned to make entry and exit much easier. The windscreen is moved 4.5 inches forward compared to previous Challenger II models. This gives more room for the pilot to enter the front seat. The side rails are lower all the way from the front to the back to make the aircraft easier for passenger entry as well. An optional hinged windscreen is available for larger pilots or those who have mobility issues. The doors continue to be easily removable for that open cockpit feeling of freedom on warm summer days.

Heavy Load Saddles

Challenger Light Sport models come standard with the heavy load saddle kit. This greatly increases the strength and durability of the attachment of the main lift struts to the fuselage longerons. The saddles spread the forces the lift struts exert on the main longerons over a substantially larger surface area. They also prevent movement at the interface between Rony brackets and fuselage thus eliminating flexing during operations on very rough surfaces.

A number of other less visible but no less important improvements have been migrated from the X Series to the E Series. Beefier new steel tail post weldments accommodate the larger tubing in the new vertical tail and withstand the greater side loads from the increased area. Rudder cables are 50% larger diameter and are re-routed through the fuselage for straighter runs with less friction. Rudder cable turnbuckles are moved from rudder pedals aft to the rudder control horns for easier access and adjustment.

Complements Challenger Light Sport X Series

Announced in 2010 the Challenger X Series has replaced the Challenger II as the sales leader world wide. Challenger Light Sports are now flying on every continent but Antarctica!

The Challenger Light Sport XL-65 and XS-65 were originally designed expressly for diverse Canadian missions in a wide range of terrain and temperatures. Development was driven by over thirty years of real world experience on wheels, skis and floats. The XL-65 and XS-65 incorporate numerous features and design enhancements based on customer inputs.

The Challenger Light Sport EL-65 and ES-65 provide a lower priced upgrade path for those whose budgets and needs are not up to the level of the more fully featured XL-65 and XS-65.

The Light Sport E and X Series models expand the top end of the Challenger's envelope while retaining the trademark docile nature, low stall speed and great glide characteristics.

Specifications & Contents of Challenger Light Sport EL-65 and Challenger Light Sport XL-65
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Overview & Comparison
Features & Contents
Rules & Regs

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The new models are even easier to assemble, are more ergonomic and are more rugged. They are easier to fly plus can carry heavier payloads, cruise faster and cover longer distances.

Available configurations include faired wheels, tundra wheels, straight skis, wheel/skis, straight floats and amphibious floats, all very affordable. In the grand Challenger tradition of versatility switching between configurations is quick and easy.

Challenger quick-build kits can be acquired as a complete package (with everything needed to go flying except paint) or to spread out cash flow they may be purchased as up to four subkits (tail, wings, fuselage, engine). There is no additional charge for the quick-build versions. Builder assistance and professional assembly services are available.

Most Challenger owners are first-timers who assemble their own quick-build kits.
Builder assistance and professional assembly services are available.

Factory Built
Tail, Wings,
Fuselage, Panel

No Parts
Factory Installed
Dual Controls

Factory Pre-Cut,
Pre-Sewn Fabric

Simple Assembly
No Building

Quick-build packages include airframe, instruments, engine, prop, etc. Everything but paint.
Most new owners start out on wheels. You can add floats or skis later whenever you wish. Nothing special needs to be done during assembly to allow for configuration changes later.

Click here for details on the quick-build kits including structure, covering and assembly.

Click here for details on the bespoke power packs including engine, redrive, prop.

For more information and to order your new Challenger...

Challenger Light Sports have replaced the Challenger II as the sales leader world wide and are now flying on every continent but Antarctica!

The Challenger Light Sport E Series EL-65 and ES-65 are shipping now. Orders will be filled in the sequence received. Contact us for a quote on the model and configuration of your choice.

For complete details visit For additional information contact Bryan Quickmire of National Ultralight Inc by phone at 705-721-9811 or email Dealer inquiries are invited.

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