From the picture above we'd say Dale Erhart treats his Challenger
much like his former RCAF mounts - the CF-18, CF-5 and CF-101.

After the air force Dale moved on to the airlines and after the airlines to a
privately owned Bombardier Global Express which he flew all over the world.

Dale has logged over 15,000 hours in quite an eclectic mix of types including
DC-3, Dash 8, Canadair Regional Jet, Boeing 727, DC-9,
Airbuses A319, A320, A330, A340, ...
Oh yes, and did we mention the mighty Cessna 172?

Wherever Dale's career takes him and whatever he is flying
he always comes home to his Challenger ultralight!

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(Photo courtesy of Dale Erhart.)

Dale Erhart assembled his Challenger over a period of 10 months during days off from his job flying the Airbus A330/340 between Canada and Asia. He lives on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley. His Challenger was built and nests in a hangar at the Courtenay Airpark.

In Dale's words, spoken part way through his first summer of Challengering:

"I currently fly the Airbus 330/340 and 340-500 for Air Canada based in Vancouver. I became involved in Radio Control and built several competitive aerobatic models. I presently have a third share in a Cessna 172 and had never built a kit plane before the Challenger."

"The building experience was incredible fun only to be eclipsed by the pleasure of flying the plane. It has performed flawlessly and is a true joy."

"My wife Laurel thoroughly enjoys the experience of flying with me in the Challenger. She remarks on how safe she feels as well as on how incredible the visibility is on all sides."

"After 30 hours on wheels including some power-off gliding, I installed Puddlejumper amphibious floats only to discover a whole new world of flying once again. The Challenger was invited to the Comox International Airshow on August 7th, 2005 where it was proudly displayed for the pleasure of the thousands of attendees."

"I have flown several trips to different lakes including an overnighter which allowed me to capture some great early morning shots. Cruising down the ocean shore to pop up and drop the gear for an airport landing gives great flexibility while limiting my plane's exposure to salt."

We asked Dale and Laurel how they liked their Challenger - their response was worth a thousand words! Read West Coast Weekend in our Experience section which diarizes a weekend voyage in their Challenger on amphibs and makes thoughtful comments for others considering acquiring their own Challengers.

There is a great shot of Dale's Challenger at Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, home of the giant Mars waterbombers, in the Hotshots section of this web site.
Look for Tranquility Base!

And don't miss Dale's video in our Challenger Cinema!
Look for Ten Months To Build A Lifetime of Enjoyment!

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