February 2-3, 2002
12th Annual
Winter Rendezvous
Chateau Montebello, Quebec

Rendezvous 2002 was a "happening" in the finest sense of the word!

Attendance at the banquet was a whopping 146 people plus there were heaps of daytrippers who came by on both Saturday and Sunday. That's a ton of smiles! The technical sessions were excellent and in keeping with the "Networking" theme everyone wore their Challenger ID Discs and made lots of new friends.

The worst of Old Man Winter kept the count of Challengers well below the record of 24 which was set in February 2000 at this same location. Thursday/Friday's heavy snow, freezing rain and 80-100 km/hr winds forced the long distance flyers to drive. Then the forecast for unflyable snow Sunday, Monday and beyond incented local flyers with weekday jobs to drive also. In spite of all that at least 9 Challengers did fly in Saturday to the delight of the ground bound masses.

For those of you unfortunatti who missed Rendezvous 2002 we have lots of goodies here to show you what happened at the happening. Let us present ...

The Full Montebello!

The Photo Album

by Bryan Quickmire

The Now Famous Email

by Bob McDonald

Challenger ID Disc

The Complete Report

by Claude Roy

The COPA Centerfold!

Canadian Flight Magazine

For great pictures of the 2003 Rendezvous: Montebello Montage

There's coverage of lots of Challenger events in the Owners section!

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