February 2-3, 2002
12th Annual
Winter Rendezvous
Chateau Montebello, Quebec

The Photo Album

The weather pre Saturday was horrendous, post Saturday it was merely ugly, but Saturday itself the sky was that beautiful deep blue only ever seen in winter, in a word, gorgeous!

The photos below are mostly from the digital camera of Bryan Quickmire. There are a lot of them so better go get a fresh cup of coffee while the page loads!

Don't forget that as usual you can click any picture for an enlargement.

View of Friday travellers!
(Note GPS antenna!)

Chateau in waiting!

Footprints of Friday's Wx
on Saturday's Trees!

It's a bird?

It's a plane!

It's a Challenger!

A reception line greeted each incoming Challenger!

Every Challenger was equipped with ILS!

Boat slips make ...

ILS = Ice Landing System

... perfect tiedowns!

Bob McDonald holding court.

Mike Bourget holding court.

Every Challenger comes complete with a cluster of admirers!

John Woudstra and Conrad Watters
hitch their mounts!

... walks this earth
with his eyes turned skywards ...

The Guenette's Lady Bug gets propositioned by a cross-country skier!

Let's slip the surly bonds!

A/C or ATV?

Smoother up here!!

Gilles Chatel

Patrick Vinet

A splash of colour from Mt. Tremblant!

Where'd everyone go?
To the brain filling station!

Montebello Moments

Snow train!

Snow train tracks!

Skidoo prototype!


Ice fisherman
and his retriever?

Polar Collie?

Prehistoric Challenger!

Banquet hall for
non-Challengers! ;)

Wannabe Challenger!

Time to head home!

And to one and to all: "Au Revoir et A Bientot!"

Same Time, Next Year!

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